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History of Friendship Day

Friendship Day History

Friendship Day History Picture

Here in this topic we bring little History of Friendship day. Friendship Day is the best day in the world and celebrated like all the festival in the whole world. Especially in our country and also in other countries, where festivals are very important. The importance of friends is enormous and to recognize their presence in our lives, this day is dedicated. It is believed that the history celebration of Friendship Day began in 1935.

Friendship Day History

According to, the History begins from United States, where Congress proclaimed the first Sunday of August as the National Day of Friendship in 1935. This day was highlighted at the United States Congress. UU has decided to honor and celebrate the role of friends in people’s lives. Since then, the History of Friendship Day has become an annual event, with people celebrating it around the world.

Pass History in UN

When the founder of Hallmark cards, Joye hall, decide to declare a day for his loving friends then According to, an event took place in 1919 that indicated the origin history of Friendship. She said that Friendship Day would be celebrated later by people from all over the world sending cards to their friends, wishing them a good day of friendship. Since then, the practice of people from all over the world, wish that Friendship Day back to their friends, has become mainstream. In 1998, the wife of Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, declared Winnie the Pooh Ambassador of Friendship to the United Nations.

Friendship works wonders for people. It can build bridges between communities and bring peace to the world. The United Nations General Assembly declared the idea of ​​an International Day of Friendship in 2011. This idea was built with the effort to unite the peoples and cultures of different countries to maintain universal peace. With regard to the Declaration, United Nations Member States were invited to celebrate it according to the diverse cultures and customs of their local and regional communities, respectively. They were also invited to include everyone in the celebration through multiple public education and outreach activities.

Origin and Importance of Friendship Day

The idea of ​​Friendship Day was given by Joyce Hall, founder of Hallmark Cards in 1930. Previously, it was proposed to celebrate Friendship Day on August 2 by sending greeting cards and more items like Christmas. The idea was further promoted by the National Greeting Card Association in the 1920s, but it was not taken with a healthy mind, as it reflected the commercial trick to promote greeting cards for this.

Current efforts in this direction became evident when the United States Congress decided in 1935 to celebrate a day in honor of their friends. However, the exact reason for the celebration of Friendship Day is unknown history, but the need was felt because of the devastating effects of the First World War. The occasion was seen as an effort that could dissolve mistrust, hatred and hostility among the peoples of various countries through the strong bonds of world together.

To work in the same direction, the United States Congress. UU He marked the first Sunday of August. Through a formal proclamation which was announced in 1935 history as a feast to honor Later, other countries joined the history of celebration and Friendship Day also began to unfold in other countries. The International Day of Friendship was also celebrated on July 30 in accordance with the resolution adopted by the United Nations in 2011. It was decided to forge a strong relation between peoples of different countries, regardless of race, color, religion, ethnicity and other similar factors.

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