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Happy Friendship Day 2018 Quotes SMS Messges Wishes Status Gifts

This is year 2018 and we are celebrating the Happy Friendship Day, in 2018 the day of friendship is going to be celebrated on Monday, 30 July. The date of 30 July is the actual date in the history and the celebrations starts from this date but the final celebration of Friendship day is the first Sunday of August. and the date on that day is August 5, 2018 is the date of Friendship day.  In other words we can say that the Friendship day 2018 is to celebrate on the last first Sunday of the little bit hot month of August. But the first time it was celebrated on 30 July that was the first Sunday of August. Friendship Day celebrations are occurs on different dates in different countries. In 2011 the General Assembly of United Nation declared the 30 July as the official International Friendship Day 2018 Quotes Images Wallpapers Wishes Status DPFriendship day. This is wonderful to say, because I am going to share some informative knowledge and information about this friend’s day. I hope this website and my experience will increase your knowledge, read this information till the end and ask your questions in comment section. Well today I am going to share here the full history from beginning and you will know the answers of the many questions that you have in mind.

Who celebrated the friendship day first time?

Mr. Dr. Ramon Artemio Bracho

When the friendship day celebrated first time?

First time in 1958 on international levels, where they were eating on dining table.  You are thinking that what to do on this day, you don’t need to do something because usually people send and receive gifts, quotes, SMS, Cards, messages, wishes to each other and also share these on different social media like facebook, whatsapp, twitter or instagram.  Here we can pronounce the Friendship day in different languages, in Arabic اليوم الدولي للصداقة‎, in Chines 国际友谊日, in French Journée internationale de l’amitié, in Russian Международный день дружбы, Spanish: Día del Amigo.

Celebrate or Not?

Well this is the only event that is celebrated on 30 July and ends in one day. In the whole worlds approximately 70 to 80 percent people don’t know about this day and never celebrate. In remaining 20% to 30% people approximately 15% people celebrate it on internet and mobiles. Approximately 2 or 3 percent peoples celebrate it in the right ways. Below is one of my favorite ideas that may be the best ever way of celebration. In Asian countries the mostly peoples are living in villages, so the pacific Asia have not the big celebration crowd of friendship day. In the European and UK, USA and Canada people are educated and have access to latest technology and internet devices as well; therefore they have the huge crowd of the celebration of this friend-day.

Good Frinds is a big Gift

How to Celebrate Friendship Day?

This is my personal suggestion for all of my friends that if you have friend from strong financial family then fine you can enjoy and celebrate this anywhere. But just think if She/He need something and far from hometown for some reasons, then this is your duty that you give him/her a beautiful gift or you can help him/her financially. What to do if you don’t have any friend? Friends are not lollypop that you would buy in stores. But this is very wonderful situation, Every person have some best but if you don’t have go-out from home, find some neighbors and just say hi to him/her on daily basis and share your daily stories. Another way is to participate in sports activates of your college and universities.

Why friends are necessary in Life

Every person need friends not only one we have these in hometowns, some of our best are studying with us in school colleges and universities. But the question is here that whey we need; I just want to say that friendship is the one of the most beautiful relation of the world. They stands with you in your happiness, they stands with you in your bad times. They stands with you when you feel lonely, they teaches you when you angry, they helps you when you have needs, the respect your sad stories, they share jokes to see little smile on your face.

Here are something more that I am going to share in the end of the page.  Well you can find here good friendship day quotes and easily send them to your relative in SMS, Messages not only this you can also share this on your social media pages of Facebook and also can share these in your whatsapp groups. Here are the best collections of happy friendship day images in HD format you can download these images easily and set as your wallpaper in mobile phones or laptop. To download these images you just need to right click on images and click on the “Save as Image” bar. In the side bar you can also find the friendship day status and friendship day wishes and many other topics like friendship day greeting.

Spread Good Words and Messages About Friendshop Day

Since we all live in a technological word nowadays, even during Friendship Day, you would surely be using your gadgets such as your smart phones, laptops, and tablets. That is not bad to make use of these gadgets using your accounts on social media in your laptops and tablets, you can spread some nice Friendship day greetings to your friends and followers. You can also share some Friendship day quotes like “Loving, Mercy, Sacrificing, peace and love. May the Lord be with you on Friendship day.”

From the side of internet as a medium for sharing good thoughts on Friendship day, you may also use your smart phones and spread the words to your contacts. Give them some nice Friendship day SMS that would make them smile like “Thinking of you on Friendship day and praying that the Lord keep you in his loving care always.”

The Date of the Next Good Friday

For different years, the date of Friendship day are different. However, for the Friendship day 2019 calendar, it will happen on the Lenten season of 2019 from June to July. The Lenten season for next year will start on July 30, 2019 with the celebration of Ash Sunday. This will then be followed by Palm Sunday on July 30, 2019. This week will then be celebrated on the following week after this Palm Sunday. On July 30, 2019, Thursday, Friday will be celebrated. The next day, July 30,2019, is the date of the friendship day. The final celebration or final day of the friendly week is on August 1, 2019 which marks the Thursday.



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